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Welcome all to Onward Woman: a movement that promotes woman moving forward beyond their believed limitations and into a life that resonates and rattles their chests with what their souls most want and desire.

Onward Woman is a place where women can be and share, celebrate and cry, and most importantly, lift each other up. It is a place for women to come for sisterhood and for individual and group coaching experiences. It’s where I’ll write about all manner of things with the central theme of noticing what is, expressing that, and sharing it with the world, in hopes that what I have to notice and say might help others feel more connected to their sisters and less alone in this world.

As a North American woman in my mid-thirties, major life changes spurred me on to step into and value the power of the divine feminine. I experienced a separation and divorce and the loss of nearly twenty friendships in the process. After years of “manning it up” to impress my family, to prove my worth in relationship, I began learning to undo learned cultural behavior of devaluing my own and feminine energy and desires of others. I can’t go back. I can only move forward. Onward. The word “Onward” is also how one of my favorite authors, Liz Gilbert, signs off on her social media posts, which are largely dedicated to people advancing beyond the limitations of their upbringing and stepping into the life that they desire.

Through my own experiences of loss and limitation, I have learned that we humans are very good at holding ourselves back because we are scared for a variety of reasons to live the lives that we desire most. Women especially are prone to prioritizing their own happiness for the sake of others. For these reasons, I decided to further my lifelong love of self-help by diving deep into the work of the experts: Brené Brown, Glennon Doyle Melton, and others. Became a Certified Life Coach and Fire Starter Session Facilitator through the work of Danielle LaPorte.

As my exploration of the divine feminine grows deeper, I’ll write share my experiences here. We’re just getting started. I can hardly contain my joy and I refuse to do so!

If you’re reading this and thinking: “YES! THESE ARE MY PEOPLE!”, welcome sister! My only rule is this: write comments as if you were speaking to one of your sisters in person. Respect is the cornerstone of this platform and is necessary for onward movement. If any comments are disrespectful, the people behind them will be banned. No exceptions. Without mutual respect, there can be no onward movement.

This is a space where women can and should vomit their rainbows of good news and where I want other women will catch those rainbows in sick bags and wave them around like trophies in celebration and pull them out to remember the wins on the hard days. It’s also where we make space for each other to share our hard days and be heard. In this blog, I’ll be doing both and I hope that you’ll do the same.

Onward Woman!

-Rachel Drummond

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