Yoga Retreats & Workshops

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Yoga Retreats

Imagine waking up to the sound of gentle waves crashing on the beach, the sweet melody of birds chirping in a bright blue sky, or breathing in crisp mountain air through your nostrils. Come deepen your practice in the company of like-minded souls in gorgeous global destinations.

Book your ticket, bring your mat, and prepare to soak nature’s grandeur with a yoga retreat. Highlights include:

  • Creative reflection time
  • Healthy food
  • Short excursions

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Yoga Workshops

Whether you’re a novice seeking to understand the fundamentals or an experienced yogi who wants to brush up on a few postures, yoga workshops offer something for everyone. Each workshop is a deep dive into a specific skill (e.g. arm balances) or concept (e.g. breath control on and off the mat) – think of it as your personal guide to mastering the art of Ashtanga and other lineages of yoga.

For those looking to strengthen their foundations, we’ll focus on the basics, such as:

  • ujjayi pranayama breath (audible breath)
  • bandhas (energy retention)
  • drishti (focal points)

These building blocks help you balance effort and ease and creative healthy habits for a sustainable yoga practice.

I’m available for workshops in Madrid or anywhere – let’s connect! 

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Don't leave empty-handed!

Don't leave empty-handed!



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