What I Do

I coach ambitious creatives and and entrepreneurs through stuck spots in their productivity so they can get unstuck and back into creating products and services that make an impact in the world. I serve as an active listener with 100% devotion to my clients’ agendas and give them strategies, resources, and tools to help them realign with their personal or professional purpose. My clients and I identify their limiting beliefs, make plans for accountability, and celebrate all wins big and small.

My Philosophy

Breathing. Believing. These simple reminders cut through distraction and get us to where our souls want to be. Many achievers are highly successful, yet feel isolated in their struggles. Connection is one of our most powerful and underutilized resources. I’m here to help the go-getters, the dreamers, the hungry ones, and the human sparklers find their breath, find their belief, make plans, and surround themselves their people so they can bring their whole selves to life and change the world with their brilliance.

My Methods

As a Whole Person Certified Coach, I’m trained to listen for and see all of the parts of a person and honor their whole self just as they are. I ask powerful questions in order to elicit deep truths and I reflect back what surfaces for my clients in service of their goals. By evaluating beliefs, values, thoughts, and stories with questions and reflections, my clients and I are able to uncover a variety of riches in the form of abilities, connections, and resources, giving them new perspectives and helping them move forward in a way that allows them to show up and create fully and authentically.

My Goals

My number one outcome as a coach is for each and every client to leave our coaching sessions feeling lighter, clear-headed, seen, heard, valued, and firmly believing knowing every big dream and desire that they have for themselves is possible. My goal is that my clients feel fully inspired to take action, make a plan to get back on track, focus on progress, and find joy in the journey.

One-on-One Coaching

You and I coaching one-on-one together. You bring the agenda and together we’ll define, align, and make plans to get you everything you can possibly imagine.

Packages of three, six, or nine 50-minute sessions available.

Group Coaching

Face-to-face workshops to help like-minded individuals and teams get realigned, refocused, and refreshed in a small group setting.

Two-hour, half-day, and full-day options available.


The ultimate getaway for those who are ready to dive fully into their next great pursuit in an inspired location.

Individual and small group retreats.

One-day, two-day, and three-day retreats available.