About Me


I’m Rachel and I’m a Life Coach.

I believe everyone has unique gifts to share with the world. I’m here to help people forward in their life, creative, and business ventures by helping them navigate their self-doubt and move them past their stuck spots so that they can fully express their biggest dreams into reality and make the world a better place.

My Experience

For 12 years I worked with thousands of highly ambitious people all over the world in higher education: a high-stakes environment where the pressure to be perfect is both internally and externally applied. Thousands of dollars are invested, the pressure to succeed is high, and measures for “success” are often externally defined. In my experience, highly ambitious people know how to do what is expected of them, but they crash and burn in the process. My Whole Person Coaching training allows me to help people to gain clarity from a holistic perspective, their soul level – to get down to what matters most to them. When they know their soul-oriented goals, everything else falls into place and moves forward for them. My clients have told me that one of the simplest and most effective things that we do together is to hold a container of mental and physical space for an hour on a regular basis for them.


Wild Permission to Dream Big

One of the biggest benefits of coaching is that it gives people wild permission to stop and think about what it is that they want most, make plans, and take action for how to get it. These actions range from very small, maybe sending an email or making a phone call, to very large, like having a tough conversation with a loved one or applying to graduate school. No matter the size of the action, we always make progress in our sessions together and clients take steps towards their wild and dreamy outcomes.


What My Clients Want

The common thread in my work with ambitious people is helping them navigate their self-doubt. Writers, visual artists, graduate students, entrepreneurs, healers, and women who want to design a more soul-aligned life come to me in all phases of their identity transitions. A few projects that I’ve helped coach my clients through include: career transitions, starting or finishing books, taking their business to the next level, time management, and strategizing important conversations to have with family members. I would say that my clients choose to work with me in areas that feel “stuck” in their lives. To help them get unstuck, I hold space with them, give them tools to navigate through their stuck energy, and get them to see their existing resources and past experiences. In our coaching sessions, my clients’ whole selves, all the parts that are unique to them, are seen as assets not flaws. As a result of our coaching sessions, my clients get out of their stuck zones and back on the path towards where they want to be which is often in a place of growth-oriented energy.


Coaching v. Therapy

Coaching, like many forms of healing modalities, provides a client with the powerful gift of being heard. A coach will ask powerful questions which holds up a metaphorical mirror to the client. What makes coaching unique from other forms of healing, say from therapy, is that clients are lovingly held accountable to their stated agenda.

In my therapy sessions, I’m free to talk about whatever’s feeling stuck in my life. We might go forward, backward, or many other directions. At the end of my therapy sessions, I feel cleansed, heard, and sometimes I take action if I so desire.

In my best coaching sessions, I know that the person coaching me has both me and my desired agenda in their sights. They are unbiased, unafraid to ask hard questions, and reflect back what they hear me say. Their mission is my agenda. At the end of my coaching sessions, I feel cleansed, heard, and I take action. I move forward.


Why Work with a Coach?

Life coaching is all about moving forward. It’s about bravely declaring your biggest desires and taking action to turn your dreams into reality. It’s about listening hard to loud and subtle stories your inner critic is telling you and figuring out how to navigate around your own self-doubt. It’s about you stepping into the best version of yourself. I believe life coaching is a powerful modality tool for people to remove big and subtle obstacles in their lives. Life coaching asks you to show up big for yourself so that you can bring your whole self to life, become the person you desire to be, and live your life to the fullest on terms that you set for yourself.

Breathe and Believe

Breathing is a powerful tool for moving stuck energy and limiting beliefs out of our way. The quality and mindfulness of our breathing is essential to forward movement. In my yoga practice, breathing is essential for challenging postures and this truth also applies to everyday life. When you breathe to get through a stuck place and you believe in what you want most, everything else falls into place. You become a powerful source of benevolent good who inspires her people and the whole world to be the best they can be.

We have only this one life to live. Now has always been the time to move through stuck energy and into the life of your wildest dreams.

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