Special Student Offer: Discovery Session

$59.00 $29.00

You bring the DREAM. Together we’ll find the HOW. 50-minute introductory life coaching session for college students.


Ready to graduate, but not sure how to answer this question: “What’s next?”

Have you got big ideas and dreams to pursue after graduation, but you’re not sure HOW to make them happen?

You bring your DREAM. Together we’ll figure out HOW to achieve it.

You bring your ideas of what you want to be doing and what’s getting in your way. In our 50-minute life coaching session, we’ll identify your top values and make plans to incorporate your values into your life plan after graduation.

So whether you want to:

  • get a job
  • apply to grad school
  • start a business
  • travel
  • take a break
  • focus on your family

We’ll figure out what’s getting in the way of what you want and get you into the post-graduation life that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Proof of academic affiliation is required for this special offer.

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