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Go Out and Innovate! Perspectives on Educating Healthcare Leadership in the Golden Age of Innovation

How do we develop competencies in future healthcare leaders to succeed in a period of uncertainty and ambiguity brought on by a global pandemic? This white paper features insights from the CAHME Innovation Council and summarizes the prominent role of innovation in healthcare management and how graduates of programs need to be prepared to review, evaluate, adopt and/or invent.

CAHME Go Out and Innovate

My writing and editing specialties:

  • Clarity: easy to read, concise, and reputably-sourced. 
  • Formatted: written in web-friendly AP style and other formats (e.g., MLA, APA).
  • SEO (search engine optimized)-Enhancement: titles and headings with strategic keywords to increase Google rankings.
  • Simplification: expressing complex ideas in layperson language.
  • Scrupulously-Checked: for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and active voice.
  • Past Projects: websites, white papers, social media posts, headlines, email, landing pages, academic presentations, graduate thesis projects, dissertations, and more (see examples below).


Rachel is the complete package: a loyal friend, a hard-working coworker, a gifted writer, and a badass yoga teacher. She’s been writing and editing for my company, Sechel Ventures, for a couple of years. Her work continually exceeds expectations. I can give her minimal guidance on an interview-based feature and she’ll produce top-quality journalism. She’s always quick to respond to feedback and often turns in work long before it’s due. In addition to her numerous talents, she’s a compassionate, deep thinker and everyone who knows her is richer the experience. 

Jocelyn Blore

Chief Content Officer, Sechel Ventures Partners LLC

CAHME Go Out and Innovate

Subject-Matter Expert

The Impact of COVID-19 on Pediatric Patients & Teams: An Interview with Dr. Jessica Peck, DNP

Subject-Matter Expert


smoldering forest fire

Subject-Matter Experts

Fire Prevention Week 2021: An Expert Interview & Advocacy Guide

 Educational Program

PhD Programs in Mental Health Counseling

Healthcare Career

Mentors in Health: Interview with an RN Doula


Career Profile & Educational Programs

Colleges with Forensic Accounting Programs

A black woman and a white woman wearing jeans and holding hands

Contemplative Physical Practices

How to Use Yoga to Talk About Race

How to Make Time for Yoga

Contemplative Physical Practices

How to Make Time for Yoga

how to work from home

Mindful Productivity

How to Work from Home

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