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White Paper Curation & Creation

The white paper, titled “The Ripple Effect: How CAHME Awards Energize Future Healthcare Leaders,” is a comprehensive document that highlights the transformative impact of CAHME Awards on healthcare leadership education and their role as catalysts for change in the sector.

As the lead author, I meticulously crafted profiles of award winners and benefactors, detailing the profound influence of these awards to amplify their reach and benefits for future healthcare leaders and healthcare outcomes.

CAHME Awards 2023

My content writing & editing is:

  • Simple: complex topics written in concise, layperson language.
  • Formatted: organized in web-friendly AP style.
  • Reputably sourced: facts are our friends.
  • Search engine optimized (SEO): strategic titles, headers, and keywords to increase Google search rankings.
  • Scrupulously checked: for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and active voice.
  • Ideal for: websites, white papers, social media posts, headlines, email, landing pages, academic presentations, graduate thesis projects, dissertations, subject-matter expert interviews, and more (see examples below).


Rachel is the complete package: a loyal friend, a hard-working coworker, a gifted writer, and a badass yoga teacher. She’s been writing and editing for my company, Sechel Ventures, for a couple of years. Her work continually exceeds expectations. I can give her minimal guidance on an interview-based feature and she’ll produce top-quality journalism. She’s always quick to respond to feedback and often turns in work long before it’s due. In addition to her numerous talents, she’s a compassionate, deep thinker and everyone who knows her is richer the experience. 

Jocelyn Blore

Chief Content Officer, Sechel Ventures Partners LLC

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Subject-Matter Expert

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Subject-Matter Expert

The Importance of CAHME Accreditation: a Conversation with President & CEO Dr. Anthony Stanowski

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Subject-Matter Expert

The Impact of COVID-19 on Pediatric Patients & Teams: An Interview with Jessica Peck, DNP

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Weekly Newsletter

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Student Loan Forgiveness for Healthcare Workers

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Product Blog + Social Media

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