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Highly-experienced digital content writer and editor featuring interviews with healthcare professionals and articles about contemplative physical practices and intersectional feminism.

Featured Project

The Importance of CAHME Accreditation: A Conversation with President & CEO Dr. Anthony Stanowski

An interview with the President and CEO of CAHME—the leading accrediting organization for healthcare management education programs.

My writing specialities:

  • Writing clear copy for on-campus and online academic program websites
  • Promoting careers in healthcare and other occupations
  • Interviewing professionals and writing feature articles
  • Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help others find your website
  • Editing and proofreading for spelling, grammar, and puctuation
  • Associated Press (AP), MLA, and APA styles
  • Cheerful and concise email communication
  • High-quality content delivered early and on-time
Healthcare Interview

Closing the Gap: Women Leading Nursing Teams

Healthcare Interview

Massage Therapist

Heathcare Interview

Mentors in Health: an Interview with an Integrative Nutritionist

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Healthcare Occupation

Healthcare Project Manager

Healthcare Occupation

How Much Do Physician Assistants Make?

Contemplative Physical Practice Blog

Breathe and Believe: A Productivity Mantra

Contemplative Physical Practice Blog Entry

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Intersectional Feminism Blog 

How to Confront Your White Privilege

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