This summer I’m in Maui teaching online for a Japanese university as I normally do every summer. Since I can’t go to Japan, I’m in Hawai’i to be as close as possible to Japan for time zone convenience.

Maui is a lovely place to be and while I’ve been teaching yoga online throughout the pandemic, teaching language online is a whole different game. I’m very grateful to be fully supported by my superiors in Japan, work with a wonderful team comprised of my husband (!) and a good friend of ours. I have a wonderful group of nine students from SE Asia who show up every day from different time zones and do their very best work. Despite this ideal situation, my exhaustion is total.

My teaching time is coming to an end and it has affirmed my pandemic takeaway: we humans are all students in compassion school together. Compassion for self and others has always been essential, especially now. If you know anyone who’s been teaching online, working in a restaurant, or just simply being a human, take a moment to find something you’re grateful for about what they do. Communicate that with words, tips, or whatever feels right and appropriate.

Compassion has been a lifelong practice for me as it is for many. My physical practice has gone from 4-5 days per week to 1-3 days. And that’s fine. I have to keep telling myself. This is my life right now.

I wake up early to teach my weekly Ashtanga Yoga Foundations class at 5:30 AM. My body is creaky and stiff. My voice sounds like I just woke up (because I did). And yet as the students arrive in our virtual space together, the magic of yoga arrives. The communion with self and others. Compassion for what is. Deep breaths because the body can’t bend at full range. All of it becomes perfectly okay just as it is.

On the full moon earlier this month, I woke up at 1 AM. This was unusual for me because I’m normally a heavy sleeper. I got up, went to the bathroom, drank a glass of water to cool off, and stepped quietly on the lanai (patio). The full moon greeted me gloriously. She held me as I sat in the padded patio chair and told me these truths in the stillness of the early morning:

You are loved.
Your practice is perfect as is.
You’re doing a lot.
Finish your glass of water.
Go with the flow.
Take rest.

I listened to her. Asked her if she had anything else to share. Wrote those words from her to me and you in an email. Hit send. And went back to bed.

Moon messages are full of truth and compassion. Illuminating brightly in the quiet sky, shining her light of truth on us while we sleep and inviting us in to listen to her wisdom.

Call it the moon, call it your intuition, inner goddess, spirit, whatever it is. Listen to the wisdom your source is telling you. You’ll know it’s the right source speaking because it will feel sweet and kind, not mean and conditional.

Yoga is one of my favorite ways to access my kind truth-telling self. With live or with pre-recorded classes, you can access the part of you that will hold you with compassion and kindness.

With an online yoga membership, you get access to pre-recorded yoga classes and a weekly live class. Perfect for when you want to practice in real-time or when it works best for your schedule.

Live online yoga class every Thursday at these times:

North America
Hawaii: 6-7:15 AM
Pacific: 9-10:15 AM
Mountain: 10-11:15 AM
Central: 11-12:15 PM
Eastern: 12-1:15 PM

London: 4-5:15 PM
Madrid: 5-6:15 PM
Riyadh: 6-7:15 PM

Be well, lovely.



Rachel Drummond is a student and teacher of Ashtanga Yoga, handstand enthusiast, and writer. She enjoys practicing and teaching yoga all over the world and writing about how to bring yoga to life off the mat through contemplative physical practices.

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