Does anyone else have minor or major FOMO (fear of missing out) that you’ll never be able to read all the books on your must-read list?

The trouble with having friends who share your reading genre is not really a problem, but it does mean that your reading list will take on a life of its own. Mine shows no signs of shrinking no matter how much time I dedicate to reading.

I’ll be making my way through my latest library e-book on my iPad (if you have trouble finishing books like I once did, the library will correct this habit – best deadline pressure ever!), when a friend will start raving “OMG you HAVE to read this BOOK!” And since she knows you well, you heed her wise advice and checkout said book from the library and if you’re like me, you get drawn in with the first line. This is exactly what happened to me last week with Burnout: the Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by twin sisters Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski.

In full disclosure, I love self-help books, but this book isn’t self-help. I love that these two sisters:

  • tackles a topic we can all relate to (who doesn’t understand burnout?)
  • wrote a book grounded in science-based evidence
  • it reads like a letter from your best friend, not a textbook

The big takeaway from part one is:

“It’s not enough to say: “I’m okay”. We have to close the stress cycle to signal to our bodies that we’re actually okay.”

So how do we do that? Their first two recommendations are exercise and breathe. Which is exactly what we do in yoga!

Ergo: to close the stress cycle, whether it be triggered by Election Day 2020, the pandemic, personal issues, family or work stress, science says exercise and breathe are the ways to let it move through us.

If we don’t, we remain in a perpetual state of stress. Which not only feels horrible but is also bad for our health. The science referenced in this book and your own first-hand experience knows this to be true.

Even in a year when a pandemic isn’t wreaking havoc in the world, developing healthy coping habits that bring us back to ourselves is something everyone needs.

In fact, contemplative physical practices like yoga and meditation feel like the big game we’ve all been practicing for.

And now that the holidays are here and the numbers are spiking again in the United States, I’m offering a Deep Gratitude Yoga class on Thanksgiving Day to help us connect with each other and our breath and movement.

Click here to sign up! And if you’re already a subscriber, rejoice: you’ll automatically get the link in your inbox on Thanksgiving day!

Click to join Deep Gratitude Thanksgiving class: Thursday, November 26 from 11-12 noon Central USA

 And not that I want to spoil the ending for you, but the Nagoski sisters have something important to say about gratitude: 

“Gratitude is not about ignoring problems. If anything, gratitude works by providing tools for the struggle, for further progress […] And forgetting to be grateful is completely normal.” 

So no, this class will not be about spiritually bypassing our hard things with gratitude shame.

It will be about deeply connecting to tools that we always have: each other. Our breath. And the option to move. 

And if you can’t come to class live on Thursday, I’ll share a link to the recorded class and send it out after our Deep Gratitude Thanksgiving class.

Click to join Deep Gratitude Thanksgiving class: Thursday, November 26 from 11-12 noon Central USA

Take a deep breath in and relish in your enoughness. Exhale out slowly. Repeat as needed.

See you soon on your mat.

Breathe and believe. 



Rachel Drummond is a student and teacher of Ashtanga Yoga, handstand enthusiast, and writer. She enjoys practicing and teaching yoga all over the world and writing about how to bring yoga to life off the mat through contemplative physical practices.

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