Want to take those feel-good vibes off your mat and apply them in real life? In-person and online workshops are offered throughout the year to help people bring the benefits of contemplative physical practice off the yoga mat (or trail, dance floor, or beach, you do you!) and into their daily lives. Workshops blend yoga, breathwork, meditation, and coaching to reconnect you to your inner wisdom and help you bring your unique genius into the world.

Past Workshops:

  • Asana of the Mind: Exploring Effort and Surrender
  • Ashtanga Yoga Essentials: Breath, Bandhas, and Drishti
  • Awaken Your Feminine Power
  • Yoga Breathing at Work


Need to get away to reconnect? Retreats are the perfect way to clear your mind, travel to inspired locations, meet like-minded individuals or travel with friends, and be reminded who you are and what you’re here to do on this planet. Nature-lovers, yogis and yoginis, story-tellers, and changemakers: consider yourselves invited!

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Setting a specific goal to look forward to was a key takeaway for me from this event. I liked being able to focus on the powerful questions that spoke the most to each of us individually. I am very satisifed with this experience!
Cari Olsen

Founder, Blackbird Productions

Rachel is very skilled at helping clients identify strengths and tap into their potential. I am collecting wise authentic women, and I’m happy to have her in my collection.

Healthcare Specialist