Is Coaching for Me?

That depends! Are you ready to show up and bring your big dreams to life? If yes, coaching is for you!

To keep you safe, your brain protects you from new things. It tells you stories like: “Starting a business seems like a good idea, but it’s better to stay in this job to pay the bills.” While that may be true, to move forward, you need to take steps outside of your comfort zone now.

Why Should I Hire a Coach?

Unlike your well-intended friends, a coach is completely committed to your agenda. A coach doesn’t offer solutions like a consultant. Using active listening and powerful questioning, a coach trusts your intuition and provides presence in service of your goals and outcomes. 

How Can a Coach Help Me?

Let’s say you want coaching because you’ve been thinking of applying to law school. Before you invest lots of your hard-earned money and time into this dream, you want to make sure it’s right for you. 

During our session, I ask you questions and it becomes clearer to you that law school is what you want. You also say you’re worried that it will take precious time away from your teenager. I reflect this concern back to you and ask if you’d like to explore it in service of your goal. 

Listen to a Coaching Session

Learn more about coaching with a real coaching session and transcript from one of my clients. 

Individual Coaching

Saying yes to individual coaching is saying yes to your dreams. I know you’re capable and independent, but even the most driven people get stuck. I coach multi-passionate creatives, entrepreneurs, and busy people who’re ready for big changes.
I’ve helped people: 
  • get into graduate school
  • transition from salaried to self-employment
  • ask for what they need from business partners and loved ones
  • figure out how to make more time for what they love

Individual coaching is available in packages of three, five, and ten one-hour sessions.

Group Coaching

Group coaching workshops breathe life into exhausted teams. Group coaching gets teams refreshed, realigned, and refocused on their shared goals. Through group coaching, teams bond, learn to communicate better and free up time to focus on creating their best work.
One-hour, two-hour, half-day and full-day group coaching workshops are available in-person and online.


Rachel Drummond has a really wonderful way of supporting me on my journey. She listens well and holds space for what surfaces. As I began my business, working with her enabled me to be very intentional about putting my best foot forward. I enjoyed our sessions and would encourage others that are considering working with Rachel to take the leap!”

Sarah Budd - Consultant and Coach

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Rachel! She is a beautifully talented soul with a gift for seeking out the true meaning and individual gifts one has to give to the world. Rachel has empowered me to truly seek out what it is I really want in life on a deeper level and to go for it! She is a truly inspiring and caring bright light that I am so grateful to have worked with and continue to see her work make profound changes on others and on the planet as a whole!”

Kourtney Ann - Whole Person Certified Coach & Energy Healer

I work from home and although I love what I do, I was having trouble sticking to a daily schedule and didn’t feel I was getting enough work done. In one session Rachel helped me clarify what my blocks were and why I wasn’t motivated. Rachel’s skill at asking all the right questions and her ability to reframe what I was telling her allowed me to see my situation in a new light. By the end of the session, I had a concrete plan and felt rejuvenated, excited, and ready to tackle what I needed to do to stay on schedule. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Jill Sager - Tarot Guidance Reader


How is coaching different than therapy?
Coaching, like therapy, provides the powerful gift of presence. Therapists know how to guide you through traumas of the past. Coaches know how to guide you through limiting beliefs in service of your future.
For example, let’s say you want to start a business and you want some coaching to support you through it. In our sessions, if you’re unable to focus on your future because of past traumas, I would refer you to a therapist.
How is coaching different consulting?

Consulting is hiring an expert to give you solutions to solve your problems.

Coaching is hiring an expert trained in asking powerful questions to reveal your blind spots and supports the solutions that you come up with to solve your problems in service of your stated goals.



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I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation.

I am a Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) through Coach Training World.


Payment & Cancellation Policy

Payment for coaching sessions is accepted through Stripe in the shop.

Cancellation for coaching will be refunded if cancellation is made at within 24 hours in advance.