Is Coaching Right for Me? 

Are you ready to bring your big plans to life? Then yes, coaching is for you!

Coaching is a powerful modality to help people to become aware of and actualize their fullest potential. Through the coaching process, we remove big and subtle obstacles that get in the way of future goals. Coaching asks you to show up authentically so you can bring your whole self to life, define success on your own terms, and get cracking on what you’re meant to do with this one precious life.

Breathe. Believe. Transform. 

Is now it the right time to face perfection paralysis and pursue the life of your wildest dreams? The answer is always yes. Tomorrow is unknown. Right now is the breeding ground for turning energy and intention into action. Playing small keeps us where we already are. A yes to coaching is a yes to living bigger. 

No matter who you decide to coach with, be sure the coach you choose is one hundred percent committed to honoring your as the expert of your own life. A good coach honors the unique perfection of each individual’s journey and process. You can expect a coach to give you tools to tap into your inner wisdom and then get out of the way so you can move forward and create a professional or personal life you love.

Group Coaching

In-person and online group coaching workshops get solo like-minded individuals realigned, refocused, refreshed, and ready to give their all to their team. In group coaching, teams gain valuable bonding time and skills to focus on the individual strengths of their team to move their vision forward.

One-hour, two-hour, half-day, and full-day group coaching workshops are available.

Individual Coaching

In-person and online individual coaching sessions bring clarity to multi-passionate creatives, entrepreneurs, and busy people who want to make big changes or simplify their lives. Using strategic and mindfulness tools to determine what you most want, you and your intuition run this show. You tell me what to hold you accountable for and we’ll check in each week to see where we should apply more effort and where we need to surrender to the process.

Major breakthroughs I’ve helped clients reach include acceptance into competitive graduate school programs, transitioning from salaried positions to self-employment, asking for support from business partners and loved ones, and figuring out how to make more time for creative work. By taking action and being held accountable, my clients always make progress and meet or exceed their original goals.

Individual coaching is available in packages of three, five, and ten one-hour sessions.


Rachel Drummond has a really wonderful way of supporting me on my journey. She listens well and holds space for what surfaces. As I began my business, working with her enabled me to be very intentional about putting my best foot forward. I enjoyed our sessions and would encourage others that are considering working with Rachel to take the leap!”

Sarah Budd - Consultant and Coach

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Rachel! She is a beautifully talented soul with a gift for seeking out the true meaning and individual gifts one has to give to the world. Rachel has empowered me to truly seek out what it is I really want in life on a deeper level and to go for it! She is a truly inspiring and caring bright light that I am so grateful to have worked with and continue to see her work make profound changes on others and on the planet as a whole!”

Kourtney Ann - Whole Person Certified Coach & Energy Healer

I work from home and although I love what I do, I was having trouble sticking to a daily schedule and didn’t feel I was getting enough work done. In one session Rachel helped me clarify what my blocks were and why I wasn’t motivated. Rachel’s skill at asking all the right questions and her ability to reframe what I was telling her allowed me to see my situation in a new light. By the end of the session, I had a concrete plan and felt rejuvenated, excited, and ready to tackle what I needed to do to stay on schedule. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Jill Sager - Tarot Guidance Reader


How is coaching different than therapy?

Coaching, like many healing modalities, provides the powerful gift of being heard. While therapists are trained to guide clients through traumas of the past and provide analysis of how previously held limiting beliefs are preventing someone from moving forward, a trained coach will ask questions about limiting beliefs in service of the client’s future.

For example, let’s say my coaching clients wants to start a business. If during our coaching sessions my client shows that they are not able to move forward with their entrepreneurial goal due to some traumas of their past, I would refer that coaching client to a therapist and welcome them back to coaching when they are ready to move forward.

How is coaching different consulting?

Consulting is hiring an expert to give you solutions to solve your problems.

Coaching is hiring an expert trained in asking powerful questions to reveal your blind spots and supports the solutions that you come up with to solve your problems in service of your stated goals.


Rachel is a Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) through Coach Training World.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Payment for coaching sessions is accepted through PayPal and Stripe in the shop.

Cancellation for coaching will be refunded if cancellation is made at within 24 hours in advance.