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For all the complaining I do about summertime heat and humidity, I’ll concede this point: I love practicing yoga when it’s warm! Nine months out of the year, the words “stiff”, “recalcitrant”, and “I did my best” best describe my daily practice. The consolation prize for these soaring temperatures and humidity so oppressive that doesn’t feel consensual is practicing yoga in a body that feels 10-20 years younger than it chronologically is. Warm temperatures mean warm muscles, ligaments, and tendons. And yes of course, plenty of sweat!

A year ago in June 2019, the sweaty arrival of summer and preparations for six months of working and traveling put me in the market for a new yoga mat. The mat combo I’d used for years for home and studio practice was a purple Hugger Mugger Tapas mat topped with a cotton Mysore rug by Barefoot Yoga. It was, and still is, a solid and sanitary practice foundation. I loved that I could wash the cotton mat and let it hang dry. The cotton mat had the challenge of requiring deep muscle engagement to prevent my feet from slipping around during colder months which, depending on the energy level of the day, was a blessing or a curse. Guessing from the multiple clothing layers and that my toes are as close to the baseboard heat as they could get without burning in this photo, I’m guessing this was one of those “good-for-you-for-showing-up” March in Oregon practice days:

Liforme Travel Yoga Mats – the Best Mat for Traveling Ashtanga Yogis

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As attached as I was to my previous mats, for traveling I needed a Goldilocks yoga mat for travel- not too heavy, not too padded, and definitely washable. This perfect mat needed to be light enough to carry and pack and have enough padding to protect my boney bits in seated postures, but not so much that I’d lose my balance during standing ones. Washability was a must. I noticed that many of my Memphis Ashtangis had Liforme mats so I asked them what they though. They raved about the anti-slip surface that kept them from slipping around when they sweat. They pointed out the etched alignment markers that helped them know where to place their feet and hands (which I’ll say is also a helpful feature for yoga teachers to cue students to align themselves). I noticed they had a range of colors from bright green, blue, and pink to neutral black. They were also quick to point out the sturdy carrying case that was included with their purchase. Some invited me try step on their mat and give it a test drive and I instantly understood why they were such huge fans.

All of these reasons were good enough to buy and when I went to the Liforme website, there was more good news: these mats are planet-friendly: made with environmentally lower-impact materials and processes and are biodegradable in 1-5 years. Sold. I decided on a travel mat: measuring in a 2mm v. 4mm, with a smaller footprint than the full size mat, and weighing only five pounds, I ordered that mat and loved it hard for the next 12 months.

The Purple Earth Liforme Travel Mat

purple Liforme travel mat almost new

Looking good after its first few practices in sweaty Tokyo – July 2019

prasarita padotanasana c on a Liforme travel mat

Feet slipping and brain thinking: “Hrm, maybe it’s time for a new one…” – April 2020

a very well-used Liforme travel yoga mat in purple

The definition of “well-loved” in yoga mat terms – July 2020

I’m a little embarrassed at how long it took me to realize it was time for a new mat. I’d only had it a year, right? Besides, I found myself very attached to this yoga mat I spent so much time with. Unrolling it every day was like releasing the good juju of practices past, plus seeing its worn state is a visual reminder that seemed to say: “Yes, I’m getting up and doing the thing almost every day. Here’s proof.” I came to my senses when my feet started slipping in prasarita padotanasanas (the wide-leg forward folds in photo above) and bits of the open-cell surface began to flake off, but only then did I admit it was time for new one. And even though travel is not happening for me any time soon in 2020, I went with another travel mat – this time in vibrant orange, plus I treated myself to a yoga pad to have a little more padding under me for navasana (boat pose) and some arm-balancing postures.

The Happiness Liforme Travel Mat in Vibrant Orange

Brand new out-of-the-box Liforme yoga mat and pad – July 2020

Cushioned forearms make for longer headstands

orange Liforme travel mat and yoga pad

Mat is 2 mm & yoga pad is 4 mm

Fresh Out of the Box: Liforme Travel Mat and Yoga Pad

To show you what this one-year-old mat and new yoga mat and pad look like in real life, I made two videos so you can see the condition of the beloved purple mat and see the shiny new orange yoga mat and travel pad right out of the box.

Part One: Singing the Praises of the Liforme Purple Travel Yoga Mat

Part 2: Revealing the New Liforme Orange Yoga Mat and Pad

Yoga Mats for Good Causes

Beyond having a high-quality, eco-conscious product that’s perfect for Ashtanga yoga practitioners, Liforme is committed to social and environmental justice. When you buy some of their mats, including the Purple Earth pictured above and their newest Rainbow Hope Yoga Mat, they donate five percent of profit sales to organizations dedicated to changing the cultural narratives around LGBTQIA and climate change. They also raised money to support teachers and studios affected financially by COVID-19.

Travel Light and Stylishly with a Liforme Travel Mat

If you have to travel with a yoga mat, it can be a challenge, but Liforme travel mats do very well as a carry-on personal item or checked luggage. See the IG videos above to learn more about how this travel yoga mat held up traveling with me to Japan, Spain, Oregon, and Hawaii in 2019 and Costa Rica in February 2020 – and I even folded it up once in the TSA line which saved me money and time by not having to check it!

If you need a lightweight, well-constructed, and eco-friendly yoga mat for a class at your local studio, traveling to a teacher training, or digital nomading around the world, Liforme travel yoga mats are exactly what you need to keep your practice steady and strong.

To get 10 percent off a Liforme yoga mat, travel yoga mat, or yoga pad, shop using this referral code: LL-KSWNV811

Breathe and believe and come practice with me online!



Rachel Drummond is a student and teacher of Ashtanga Yoga, handstand enthusiast, and writer. She enjoys practicing and teaching yoga all over the world and writing about how to bring yoga to life off the mat through contemplative physical practices.

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