About Me

Rachel Drummond, M.Ed., RYT 200

Mindfulness Educator & Practitioner, Handstand Enthusiast, and Writer

Perfectionism has been my greatest teacher, best friend, and worst enemy. Its antidote is radical self-acceptance, so these days I hold compassionate and playful space for my students to show up, do their best, and practice being kind towards themselves and others. In yoga, we embody these mindfulness practices with breath and movement.

My yoga origin story

In 2005 as a stressed-out grad student, I walked out of my first Ashtanga yoga class thought:
“Wow… I feel so calm. I NEED this practice!”


“But… how am I going to make TIME for it?”

I was tired of feeling like an 88-year old in a 28-year old body, so in 2009 I decided: it’s time to make time for yoga. I used to think practicing yoga only counted if I left my house to go to a yoga class. But it turns out,  being kind towards ourselves and others also count as yoga. So if you ever hear yourself say:
“I really want to practice more yoga…”
…chances are you already are! For many of us, yoga is a moving meditation that feels like coming home. Yoga is an easy button to your inner wisdom, the part of you that knows you’re good enough just as you are and loved no matter what. If you need more yoga in your life, I’d love to help you get started.
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Don't leave empty-handed!


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