About Me

Rachel Drummond, M.Ed., ACC, RYT 200

Educator, Certified Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher & Writer

You deserve to live the life of your dreams. 

For 13 years, I helped thousands of international university students achieve academic goals. Nowadays I help driven-people like you bring their dreams to life.

Do you have a dream that’s been keeping you up at night like a mosquito at 3:00 AM? If you’re ready to say yes and do the work to make it happen, coaching and yoga can help you. 

fire at sunset


In 2015 after months of wanting to say yes, I clicked “sign me up” for a 4-day in-person coaching experience in Sonoma. As I drove with my friend I thought:

“Who am I to invest in myself in this experience? What can mindset shifts, yoga, and fireside chats with women I don’t know do for me?”

I expected to learn a few things and meet some nice people, but that coaching experience rearranged me.

In a few days, coaching lit me up like sparklers on 4th of July. I got unstuck and more creative all because I said yes to what I most wanted. My beliefs about what’s possible shifted and I’m still connected with the women I met that weekend.

Are you ready for a shift like this? If yes, let’s talk and see if coaching is right for you.  



When I walked out of my first Ashtanga yoga class in 2005, my next two thoughts were:
“Holy s***, I feel so calm. I need more.”


“How am I going to make time for this?”

It took four years for me to make time for daily asana (posture) practice. Later I learned that asana is one of eight limbs of yoga, meaning meditation, mindfulness, and making good decisions also counted as yoga. This is good news for busy people like us!
Since 2009, I’ve made time every day to practice Ashtanga (eight-limbed) yoga. I’ve taught this vigorous practice to very experienced and brand new yogis. My goal for every class is to create a space that makes you feel like strong like Wonder Woman, and as calm as a sleeping kitty in the sunshine.

Onward Woman

Onward Woman is an idea I tried to push away, but nevertheless, she persisted. Onward Woman is a blog of “herstories” written by women which the world needs more of now than ever. Onward Woman supports gender equity among diverse women moving their lives forward. We are always looking for submissions – is it time for you to write your story?