About Me

Rachel Drummond, M.Ed., WPCC, RYT 200

Educator, Certified Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher & Writer

I’m obsessed with helping people do the most and enjoy this one precious life. I believe everyone has unique gifts to share and I’m here to help people bring the fruits of their inner truth and wisdom into the world. Using tools to navigate self-doubt and strategies to create accountability and action plans, my clients and I tap into their whole selves and make plans to bring their wildest dreams to life. We measure success in their own terms. It’s nothing short of a massive priviledge to be a part of my clients’ transformation in becoming powerful and influential agents of change and joy.


I joined my first group coaching experience in 2015 and it rearranged me. Through this experience, I realized how connected I am to my community, my resources, and that my wildest dreams are mine for the taking if I only breathe, believe, put in the work on the daily, and stay connected to my inner truth and wisdom. My skillsets from working with highly-motivated international students for 13 years translated naturally into helping ambitous entrepreneurs and creatives bring their businesses are art to life.

Coaching shines a light on self-limiting beliefs and habits that get in the way of people bringing their big ideas to life. You bring the agenda and the outcome, and I bring the inquisitive questions and active listening. A coach honors your inner wisdom and remains committed to your stated outcomes.

My aim for every coaching session is to provide:

  • Devotion: a coach is professionally devoted to your agenda
  • Accoutability: a coach helps you commit to taking action and making progress
  • Resources: a coach helps you see all that is already available to you
  • Speed: a coach will help you go further and faster toward your goals


I took my first yoga class in college in 2001 and immediately noticed my body and mind shift from nervous and anxious to centered and calm. I’ve been a daily Ashtanga yoga practitioner since 2009 under the tutelage of instructors in Eugene, Oregon and studied with some of the master teachers: Richard Freeman, Nancy Gilgoff, Kino MacGregor, and Sharath Jois. Since 2011, I’ve taught verbally-led Ashtanga primary series and Mysore-style classes in Oregon, Tennessee, and the International University of Japan. In February 2020 I completed an alignment- and therapeutically-based 200-hour yoga teacher training intensive with Soma Yoga Institute with the intention of making Ashtanga, a vigorous practice, more accessible for all levels and abilities.

My aim for every yoga class is to create a space where everyone can:

  • Connect with community
  • Link breath to movement
  • Find balance in the opposing parts of themselves and the world around them
  • Leave feeling included, empowered, and centered in their own inner truth and wisdom

Onward Woman

What’s Onward Woman?

Onward Woman is an intersectional feminist blog for women to share their stories of overcoming gender-based inequities and moving forward.

Why Women’s Stories?

Now more than ever, the world needs to hear the voices of women. Through women sharing their stories of bravery and resilience, we are learning that gender-based inequity presents in extreme ways, but also in subtle and nuanced .

As celebrated author and poet Dr. Maya Angelou said: “When you know better, do better.” By hearing women’s stories, we can all do better to achieve gender equality.