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Want more strength, steadiness, and flexibility?

Keep your body and mind healthy and come practice Ashtanga yoga online to connect with yourself and your community.

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Explore Ashtanga Yoga in 2021 – Five-Week Series – Thursdays, Jan. 7 – Feb 4, 2021 – 11-12:15 PM Central
Mondays: 6-7 AM: Delta Groove Yoga
Thursdays: 11-12 noon: Online Yoga with Rachel
Free First Friday Yoga: 30 mins (start times change each month)
Saturdays: 8:30-10 AM: Delta Groove Yoga

Yoga: Breathe & Be

If you’re someone who thinks “I’m not flexible!”, don’t worry: yoga is much more than poses. Yoga means “to yoke” in Sanskrit, so beyond stretching, yoga unifies your body, mind, and spirit. In simple terms, yoga helps you become comfortable with what is: the good, the bad, and the in-between.

By linking breath and movement, you give your body a “work-out” and your mind a “work-in”. Above all, yoga is an invitation to reconnect to your inner wisdom and peace to you can live your best life and shine brighter every day.

Are you a complete beginner, an experienced practitioner, or somewhere between? If you answered yes, you’re in the right place to practice yoga and change your world. 

Coaching: Clarity & Action

First coffee, then coaching! If you’re thinking: “Isn’t a coach a whistle-blowing control-freak with a megaphone?” coaching has come a long way since PE class. Coaching is a client-centered creative process that helps you uncover limiting beliefs that derail your progress.

Through coaching, I help people to maximize their personal and professional potential. My clients bring their top-of-mind issues or strategic agendas to our sessions. Through powerful questions and accountability, I’ve helped more than 25 people turn dreams into reality.

Got an idea for a business, a creative project, or want your team to work better together? I can help – I and promise I won’t wear a whistle!

“Yoga begins with listening. When we listen, we are giving space to what is.”

Richard Freeman

My Philosophy

Think back to your favorite teachers. What was it about these people that burned memories so good into your mind that you can remember them now?
My favorite teachers had high expectations and always challenged me to do my best. They accepted me: potential, struggles, wins, and all. Even on their worst days, I could still feel their earnest joy. I never wanted to leave their classrooms.
Inspired by my teachers, I bring a blend of empathy, accountability, and joy to my yoga and coaching work. If our time together leaves you feeling inspired and wanting more, that’s a win for both of us!

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