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Yoga drew me in with the physical postures, but I stayed for the residual calming side effects. In Ashtanga yoga, we use vinyasa – a tool to link breath and movement – to energize from within and check in with our state of being.

The magic is simple: when we make space to breathe and move in the company of people we trust, we practice being more present and peaceful. If you yearn to feel more connected with yourself and others, I’d love to practice with you.

Traditional Yoga for Modern Times

Ashtanga yoga is a traditional system of yoga that links breath with movement.

The word aṣṭāṅga in Sanskrit means “eight limbs” which include physical postures (asanas), meditation (the stilling of the mind), and ethical precepts (use your energy for good) and others.

Ashtanga yoga follows set sequences of postures – the two most common sequences are:

  1. Primary series (yoga cikitsā – or yoga therapy)
  2. Second or intermediate series (nadi shodhana – or nerve cleansing)

Each sequence begins with a standing sequence and ends with a closing sequence. The series can adjusted to accommodate for modern-day work and family responsibilities.

The postures in the Ashtanga series are the classical foundation of modern vinyasa-style classes. Passed down from Krishnamacharya and made famous by the Jois family in Mysore, India, Ashtanga yoga has expanded globally for 70 years.

With the blessings of my teachers who were trained by the Jois family and Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor, I humbly and joyfully teach Ashtanga and other lineages of yoga.


Three Ways to Practice Yoga with Me

#1 Retreats & Workshops

Travel to inspiring places, deepen your practice, and meet new people with yoga retreats and workshops. Book your travel, bring your mat, and leave the rest to me!

#2 Recorded Classes

Access an exclusive library of recorded yoga classes, focusing on fundamentals and advanced concepts to enhance your practice. Available anytime, anywhere, on any device, 24/7.


#3 Private Yoga Lessons

Get individual feedback to begin, modify, restart, or enhance your practice! Learn tips and tricks to modify postures and build strength. Available in-person or online.

“Yoga begins with listening. When we listen, we are giving space to what is.”

Richard Freeman
Don't leave empty-handed!

Don't leave empty-handed!



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